Examtex™ NitriPlus

The Examtex™ NitriPlus glove is an excellent choice for use in professionals such as dentistry, medical and clinic task, household tasks , cleaning purpose, tattooing and beauty salons.


Examtex NitriPlus glove are made from blended nitrile and excellent choice to use in various industries. The glove is an great alternative to pure nitrile gloves and more affordable. 

features & benefits

  • Protection from unwanted or dangerous substances
  •  contains no natural latex proteins causing no allergies

  •  High Elasticity

  •  Puncture Resistant
  • sweat resistant and reduce skin irritation
  •  Oil Proof and Greaseproof
  •  Waterproof and Chemical-Resistant
  •  Soft & Comfortable Fit

technical specifications

  • Conforms to EN ISO 374 and EU No. 10/2011


  • Blue
  • Non-sterile
  • Blended Nitrile
  • Textured powder free
  • Disposable
  • Ambidextrous and straight fingers
  • Beaded cuff for easy wear and deters roll-back
  • Anti-static, anti-aging 
  • Last 5 years from the date of manufacturing
  • 240 mm and 5g weight

packaging information

  • 100 pcs per box
  • 10 boxes per case
  • price is per box
  • Minimum order quantity is 10 boxes
  • Available sizes for pre-order : small, medium and large
  • product code: GLV-0-EBF-02/03/04 

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